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Lehigh Anthracite is a joint venture between BET and Robindale Energy Services. Lehigh Anthracite holds the largest surface mining permit in Pennsylvania and produces up to 500,000 tons of clean coal per year.

Lehigh Anthracite’s dedication to the environment forms the basis of an updated brand identity. A promotional brochure, company website, and trade show display focus on the company’s human element by featuring large photographs of employees at work.

As part of the company’s environmental focus, a subsidiary called Lehigh Natural Resources was established. The logo depicts anthracite coal surrounded by natural elements to reinforce the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Lehigh Anthracite spreads


Lehigh Anthracite capabilities and features

Lehigh Anthracite coal quality

Lehigh Anthracite Trade show Display

Trade Show Display Schematic

Lehigh Natural Resources Subsidiary Logo

Subsidiary Logo

Lehigh Anthracite website